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Poe Lim
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Default lighting / plant update

I've not grown the Onion Plant, and I wonder which baby tears you have
(there appears to be several with the same name), but the others I've grown
in tanks without CO2 successfully. I did find the Hornwort will try to take
over, so you'll have to prune that a bit, but it apparently releases
allopathic substances against algae.


"Cammie" wrote in message

Since I changed my lighting I decided to try a few different types of

I have never had before, these include onion plants, hornwort, baby tears
and bacoba. Anyone have an experience with these plants?

In addition to the new better lighting I will continue to use Flourish but
I'm not read to go and try CO2. My friends have great plants and they

use it and they have jungles that they have to cut back. So wish me luck
this time around!