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Dave M. Picklyk
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Default Updated Dave's Aquascape website!

hehe...sorry Eric. But if it makes you feel any better, I've gone through
hell myself with algae problems as everyone has I'm sure. Your introduction
of potassium is good,...consistant dosing of PMDD macronutrients will
eventually give the plants the upper hand.

Remember to cut off the algae infected stuff before dosing with PMDD and
clean the glass. I still actually have some dark hair algae on one part of
my driftwood...I don't think you really ever get rid of it.

Some presence of algae is one sign of a healthy ecosystem.

Dave Picklyk

"Eric Schreiber" wrote in message
"Dave M. Picklyk" wrote:

Hi! I've just finally updated my Aquascape website at ...check it out! Hope you enjoy yourself. Let

know if you have any comments or thoughts...

Why do you insist on torturing me with great pictures of your tank?
I've been unable to beat the algae or take a decent picture. I think
you're out to frustrate me personally!

I am closing in on the algae problem, finally. Started adding
potassium, and right away I got pearling.