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Old 18-07-2003, 10:15 AM
Dave M. Picklyk
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Default Persistant algae on driftwood

Hi. I've eliminated all my algae quite successfully from my aquarium...only
to introduce a new hardier type. In the last couple months I've been
noticing that on only a few inches of my driftwood there is some little
tufts of dark green...almost black algae. But it has never spread anywhere
else and doesn't seem to grow very fast at all. I've often picked alot of it
off with tweasers but it never fails to creep back in the same place. My SAE
doesn't seem to touch it..but he eats everything else. Besides taking the
driftwood out (which would be a pain because it has java and anubias growing
on it) and bleaching it to death...what can I do? Again, there is no other
algae found anywhere else in the aquarium but on that little section of


Dave Picklyk