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Jeremy Pemberton
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Default Help with Amazon swordplant (its stemming!)

I have an amazon swordplant (Echinodorus grisebachii, I believe) and
recently it decided to sprout a stem/runner and headed to the surface
with it. Now, a week after, it has sprouted 2-3 leaves in three
separate parts of the stem.

My concern is whether the plant is not receiving enough light and
for this reason sent a runner up, and also whether the stem will take
"energy" away from the main plant and kill it (had this happen with
another species).

If you would like to take a look, I have put a couple of photos up
temporarily at

Would very much appreciate your comments.

Tank is 65 galons, pH is 5 (yeah a bit acidy -but the fish and
plants are doing great!), temperature is around 28 C (82 F) all day,
swordplant leaves are 8.5" long, lighting is a single gro-lux
flourescent 12 hours a day, ground beneath the swordplant is a thin
layer of stones then a thin layer of black volcanic soil (I'm in Costa
Rica) and finally two thick layers of stones, directly above the
swordplant is a very rare plant with almost flourescent pink leaves
(you get a glimpse of it in the photos), can't say what it is, but it
does significantly reduce the light reception for the Echinodorus.