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Penny Morgan
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Default Cucumbers grown vertically

I used to live on a very small lot and wanted many different veggies. I
grew cucumbers, pole beans, snow peas and summer spinach vertically with
great success.

I went to Home Depot and bought several green fence posts. They come in
different heights; I think I opted for the tallest which was 7' tall, but
you had to pound the first 1' into the soil for stability, so you ended with
6' of growing height. The posts are green metal with little hooks running
end to end. I spaced them about 6' apart in a straight row on the edge or
back of the garden. Next, I rolled out several feet of heavy bird netting
and attached it to the hooks on each pole. Make sure to pull it very tight.
If you can't find the heavy netting, use two layers of the thin netting. I
also secured the netting to the posts with extra string or twine to ensure
it stayed on.

The last step is to plant the cucumbers right below the netting. Once the
vines were long enough, I tied the first section to the bird netting with
old strips of pantyhose (the pantyhose is soft and stretchy and won't hurt
the vines). The cucumbers grew on their own from that point on and would
sometimes go over the other side of the netting. This is a great space
saver, allows easy picking, and reduces disease such as powdery mildew with
greater air circulation for the leaves.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Zone 7b - North Carolina
"Andy N" wrote in message
news:[email protected]
I am moving my garden into considerably less space and would like to
continue growing 2 hills of cucumber plants. My plan is to raise them
vertically to conserve space. I would appreciate advice about ways of

this. Thanks