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Default anyone have a foul smelling orchid?

When the ancient war dogs did battle on Sat, 26 Jul 2003 04:06:51 GMT,
"nightwriter" did speak the following bit of

I have heard that there are many different types of foul smelling orchids,
one of which smells like rotten meat. does anyone have one, and are they
unwelcome additions to the inside of a home?

I don't have a stinky orchid. But I do have a small Stapelia which,
when it blooms, we either pick the flowers off, or put it all the way
in the back of the yard. It stinks of rotten meat, but that isn't the
part that bothers me having it close to the house. What *really*
bothers me is the way the flowers attract flies! I don't want that
thing anywhere near the back door with all those critters on it...

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