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dave weil
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Default Lavender Dream?

On Sat, 02 Aug 2003 09:37:44 -0700, Cass

saki wrote:

Cass wrote in

In article , Unique Too

I almost fell for your Lavender Dream suggestion, read all about
it, found a supplier, everything....

I don't know how Lavender Dream handles heat. It would be a shame if
it fades or crisps or something.

Could I ask who the supplier is, and whether they're willing to ship now?
Helpmefind lists various suppliers but I've had no luck finding anyone who
actually has it in stock.

That's the rub. Unfortunately, it is a patent rose and the patent is
held by J & P. I don't know if they've ever released the rose. It is
available through Canadian suppliers. Their sites says they won't ship
to the US, but it happens. You can't keep a good rose secret. Imagine
if Outta the Blue came from Europe. That thing would be over here in a

My plant was sold to me misidentified. It took a couple of years to
nail down what it really was. The patent will expire in a few more
years...until then, the only hope is to bomb J & P with emails to get
them to release the rose OR or hope for a supplier that has been

It isn't lavender, btw. But it is on the mauve end of pink, certainly
not the bubble gum pink like Bonica.

A few years ago:

This spring:

A 24" spray on my mature plant:

The foliage, showing how it handles PM:

Wow, now *that's* the sort of rose I've been looking for. I really
want a nice rounded mound of blooms to take up some room in my yard...

Any other suggestions along this line?