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dave weil
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Default Lavender Dream?

On Sat, 02 Aug 2003 19:45:23 -0700, Cass

Mounds are a function of winter pruning. By the end of the season,
there are always some angular canes sticking out.

I didn't mean to say that the mounds would stay mounded all year.

The biggest mound of all: Sally Holmes. A little mound: The Fairy
(blooms finish badly on both, tho).

I've got a Fairy climber and I'm happy with it, but the one Fairy that
I've seen in the bush form just looked like a little pink pom pom (and
then, only pink for a couple of times a year). That's not the look I'm
looking for.

Sally Holmes...hmmmm, that's a maybe, although I've seen some photos
that suggest that it can be a little sprawling...

Another mound: Iceberg.

I don't know why I'm so prejudiced against this rose. Maybe because
it's so ubiquitous when it comes to catalogs and availability.
However, I don't ever seem to see them around, so maybe I shouldn't be
thinking that it's so ubiquitous out in the field. Maybe I should
reconsider. I could use some white, that's for sure.

How about Brilliant Pink Iceberg if you don't want white? Finishes
better than Iceberg, which is gross when the old blooms stick around.

I might just have a little too much pink right now chuckle.

How about Marjorie Fair

or Ballerina?

I just got one of these, but I'm growing it as a short climber on the
back side of the almost dead crabapple tree that I'm growing Don Juan
on (hoping to get an interesting visual contrast). I'm sort of hoping
that it wraps itself around the trunk a bit and fills out about 6 or 7
feet up.

I really like the clusters on that one. It's got a plesant mild smell
as well...

Both will arch out and form a little mound. Ballerina is
a little more disease resistant here, and while it fades, it fades to
the clearest white. Like Marjorie Fair, it produces lots and lots of
little round hips. Add Yesterday, which is, I believe, the climbing
form, and you have an entire dynasty of roses derived from Ballerina
that have basically the same growth habit, clean foliage, and lots of

Flower Girl is the latest decendant. The blooms are bigger, but the
flowering is constant.

I found this under "Sea Pearl". Looks more like an upright bush in the
photo the find me site.

Thanks for the help.