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Default Hate the thought, the end of summer is in sight

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003 01:11:18 GMT, Mark & Shauna wrote:

On to my reason for posting. How many of you are growing (food) through
the winter in any form? I used to watch a show from ME with a couple
that lived near Helen and Scott Nearing (authors of The Good Life and
others) where they would grow inside cold frames in their greenhouse.
Being so far north they would stick to very cold tolerant lettuces and
spinach etc. They also talked about growing leeks in a 5 gallon bucket
under their kitchen sink as I recall.

I have plenty of "leeks" under my kitchen sink They grow faster
than I can plug them up.

Summer? What summer? I thought it was still spring. June was almost
entirely in the 50s F with 7 inches of rainfall (our first 90 degree
day was 7 weeks late this year). August is currently at 6 inches of
rainfall and there's still 3 weeks to go.

We are planning on the cold frames in the greenhouse as here in WV it
doesnt get anywhere near as cold as ME. What else are you all having
success with growing in the winter months (please include location) as
we are trying to get ready for that part of the year.

I just built 4 cold frames this summer, and am finishing up a 5th.
Total space should be around 60 sq feet but it should be enough for a
couple rows of greens, kale and maybe some cabbage or broccoli. The
trick will be finding a place to put the frames where the deer can't
smash through the glass.

It was funny coming into the local hardware store in 95 degree F
weather in July and saying I needed hinges for a cold frame heheh.
I'm always giving the guy a good laugh.

nw NJ