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Default Chillies Not Flowering

"Sarah Dale" wrote in message
Hi All,

I planted scotch bonnet chilli seeds from Marshalls this year (having
grown supermarket special saved from a fresh purchased chilli last year),
they were planted early April, gown on carefully, potted up etc..

The plants are about 3 ft tall and are in the conservatory (S facing but
with blinds). The bl**dy things had about 2 flowers each about a month ago
- and these dropped off!!

Since then - no flowers - what can I do to persuade these things to
flower and set fruit??? I've cut back the watering this week, as I was
watering once a day. Any hints and tips?? I will also try talking to them
tonight - actually it will be swearing!


Try using fertiliser for flowers (high postassium ? ) rather than
vegetables. Otherwise, I've never had any problems with my chillis'
Yes, reduce the watering for a bit - I find letting them almost completely
dry out, then a good soaking works very well. So, keep them on the dry side.