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The tank is not heavy planted only half of it is planted. About the

it is a big difference about 2.2wpg on 29G and 65G. When you get 2.2wpg

65G is the same as 3.2 on 29G. The tank is very bright with 144wpg. Also
it all depends on bulbs. For example my 2 40W Plant gro bulbs (red) = 1

white bulb. I can definitely say that 1 32W bulb is way brighter than 2
Plant Gro 80W (red) bulbs.

the mistake you make here is that the human see things different than the
plant's eye.

human see green - plants cannot use the green spectrum
human see not the higher wavelengths - plants can use light up to 670 nm

so a bulb which has a lot of red, some of that light cannot be seen be a
humans eye and therefor we say it's not a brigth bulb but plants definitely
can use that ligth.

a bulb with lots of green can be very brigth, but plants cann't use that
that green light (that's why they are green) so the brightness is not a good
indicator for growing