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Default Froglets - Green or Bull is the question

Hi everyone,

Got supremely lucky last evening. About a year ago a farmers field filled
in with water in a low spot. The kids skated on it over the winter.
Spring came and still there was a pond. Suspect if was 3 - 4' deep.

During the summer the county workers showed up and put in drainage pipes to
lower the water. Soon it will be all dried up.

So last evening I finally got up the nerve to walk on the field and check
out the remaining puddles. Brought home 15 - 20 large taddies and about 20

So now the question is are they Green Frog or Bullfrog froglets? They are
so tiny yet. Some do seem to show the back folds of a green frog, but they
are all very similar.

The taddies are huge. The markings are not round but all different shapes.
Hopefully green frog taddies.



SW Ontario (Zone 5)