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Default My rhododendrons are wilting

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John Kohl wrote:

Thanks all for the replies and leads. I will look into this.

Might be phytopthora dieback or phytophthora root rot.
Search the Web for details.


On Fri, 29 Aug 2003 01:32:32 GMT, Mark wrote:

I have (had) three Lee's Dark Purple Rhododendrons that I am very fond
of. I have really tried to nurture them and had high hopes for their
success. They were planted in Dec. '99 and seemed to be doing quite
well, even making it through last summer's drought (with frequent

But I have lost one and I believe that I may be losing another. They
are wilting in sections. It can be new growth or old, but the leaves of
an entire branch will start to wilt, then another branch will go. They
are in a natural area among Pine trees. Some Azeleas nearby are doing

They have no obvious signs of disease. They were planted pretty shallow
with peat moss and mini pine nuggets as soil amendments. It is odd that
they would grow for four years, then succumb during a relatively mild
and wet summer ...

Thanks for listening!

Raleigh, NC USA