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Anne Lurie
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Default worms

I wouldn't waste your money on worms, Heidi -- if the worms aren't happy,
they'll just leave (or die, I guess).

The worms at bait stores are nightcrawlers, but they don't work for "worm
composting" set-ups, as they won't stay put. (Redworms are sold for that
purpose instead.)

Here in the "sandy section" of Wake County, I've only ever seen 1 or 2
orms -- one of which almost led to a finger amputation when the
neighborhood kids who were helping me plant roses (in the clay by my garage
foundation) reached into the hole because they never saw worms around here!
(Fortunately, kids & worm both survived, but my nerves were a little

Anne Lurie
NE Raleigh

"Heidi" wrote in message
.. .
HI all,

This may be a silly question, but has anyone ever brought in worms to
add to your yard or garden? I am thinking I would like to increase my
worm population to help aerate the yard, as well other benefits worms
brings. Can you buy worms and relocate them to your yard? If so, do
you know where to get worms? Will the worms sold at fishing tackle
stores work? Are there major differences between types of worms--I
always see nightcrawlers advertised at bait stores.