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Default Brown Spots on Leaves Killing Rose Plants

On Sun, 14 Sep 2003 15:43:03 +0800, "scyap"

Thank you for your information.

My garden is at the rooftop of an apartment block in the tropics ( temp
being above 30 deg C with humidity about 90%) with almost 12 hours sunlight
The plants are in pots ( some were re-potted) and placed on wooden stands
meant for potted plants.

With trays under them, right? Or saucers? You must remove the trays
from beneath them so that they drain freely, or your roses will never
be healthy.

I had tried using the Yates Rosegun Black Spot and Insect Killer. In any
case, do you think by cutting off all the leaves and shoots off all the rose
plants that I have could put a stop on this infestation?

Removing diseased leaves is always a good idea, and make sure there
are none in the soil in the pots, too, as blackspot spreads. Do not
hack your roses, though, it will only set them back. Make sure they
are draining freely, water them copiously daily, and feed them with
water soluable ferts like MiracleGro for Roses, the kind you mix in
their water, and perhaps some time release Osmocote. Potted roses need
fertilizing more often, but it is also easy to over fertilize them.
NEVER use granular three-month type fertilizer, I killed some that
way. Think frequent feedings at diluted rates. If you are feeding them
well they will replace their leaves in no time and be blooming. If you
will not let them drain freely, give them away to someone with a
garden and grow something else.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!

I shall also do a google search. Any starting leads will be appreciated.
Thank you.

SC Yap