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Default Newbie question: how do I "top-dress" a lawn?

In article , Gil Pius wrote:
I'd like to "top dress" my fescue - over the years I've lost top soil
and I'd like to attempt to "top dress" every year or so (depending on
what it takes to do it). I'm curious as to what's the best way to do
it and what approach gives the most bang for the buck. Any
suggestions, however simple, will be greatly appreciated by this

Top dressing to this old farm boy just means adding fertilizer. I had
not heard of adding topsoil as top dressing, but I am not a lawn expert.

I did not think a healthy lawn should lose topsoil. You can't add much
if any with out smothering fescue. Sounds like you want to till, rake
out clumps of grass, add topsoil, retill, level and reseed.

Another option might be to add a thin layer of topsoil to the existing
grass, areate with a core type areator, reseed over that.

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