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Bruce Geist
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Default Good Deal on Pinpoint pH Controller

I have run a pinpoint controller for some years now, and am very happy with
it. It works beautifully, and keeps my tank PH rock steady even when the
CO2 tank begins to dump (as it runs out of pressure).

Thanks for the tip. I am not in the market now, but I will keep your link.


"Arnim" wrote in message
First the disclaimer: I have absolutely no vested interest in this other
than I have been obsessively searching for a good pH controller at a
reasonable cost as I plan and set up my planted tank. I finally settled

the Pinpoint because I found a killer deal at Premium Aquatics, Inc. It

about $40 cheaper than what DFS sells them for and because the shipping

actual and not inflated, it wound up being only about $50 more expensive
than the cheaper sms model I've seen. I've read the sms oscillates +- 0.2
where the PinPoint only +- 0.1 and the Pinpoint is just of better quality.
Don't know how long the sale is running. For anyone that is interested...