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Suzanne in CA
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Default USDA map

Thanks! It looks like I am Zone 10a : ) thank you again! Suzanne

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Hi! I am also in CA - the SF bay area - is that zone 9 or 10? I have
been challenged trying to find out online....

Try this link. You can focus on your exact state as well:

Thanks for answering that question, D. I had missed seeing it earlier.

No problem. I like maps. I just wish that someone had a more exact
rendition of the one above---I'm curious whether I'm really in Zone 10b
or 11. I suppose in my case it doesn't make a lot of difference, however.

I am also sorry that I missed the opportunity to meet you over the Rose
weekend in SoCal at the Huntington. Perhaps another time ...

By all means! I'd welcome it. Hearing Mel talk about the San Jose
Heritage Rose Garden has made me much more inclined to make a special
visit to see it.

It was nice to see so many folks from rgr and on the mail list in person;
it's helpful to put faces to names. I was also surprised that I could
keep up with so many conversations (well, mostly evesdropping). Immersing
oneself in rose chatter really pays off after about a year. :-)

It's also a comfort to know that there are other folks even more
obsessive about roses than I am....