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Giancarlo Podio
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Default experience with compact flash lighting

Just make sure you have plenty of crinium thianum or other fast
growing plants during intial startup. All the other plants you have
mentioned are slow growing and may take a little while to start
consuming nutrients. You can also throw some hornwart in there until
everything is rooted in and settled. I find this usually helps when
starting up a planted tank.

Good luck
Giancarlo Podio

"E.Otter" wrote in message
I'm thinking of using a 55watt 21" long compact fluorescent light over my
29g (30L x 12wide x 18high ) tank.

The distance between the bottom of the light and the hood would be about 1
inche. The distance between the light and the water line would be 3 inches.
I would like to plant Java ferns, Java moss, Anubias barteri, and crinium
thianum... maybe 10 - 12 plants initially.

A couple questions.
Would 10-12 plants be considered a lot of plants for this size tank?

Would the amount of heat produced by the compact fluorescent light require
changing from a plastic tank cover to a glass tank cover?

Would this be too little, too much, or just enough light? I would like to
maintain an 11-12 hour light cycle.