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Default Agricultural land used as garden ? Was Rotovation

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003 14:06:28 +0100, "John Towill"
In thread "Rotovation"

I am going to rotovate part of my garden this weekend (it was a pony

that we have purchased from a neighbour that is uneven and pretty bare) in
preparation for grass seeding and I wondered if anyone could offer any
tips/advice, especially with regards to what type of grass seed to use.
I want a hard wearing, nice looking lawn but not a bowling green!

Many thanks


Rather negative this, but don't turn it into a garden, eg put in flower
beds. To do this you will need planning permission, if done without it
could leed to a lot of greef. I am assuming that as it was a pony paddock
it will be designated as agricultural land.
John T

If I were to buy a little bit of an adjacent field from a farmer to
extend my garden would I therefore need planning permission to grow
anything but grass ?.

The idear might be, it seems building land is expensive, agricultural
land is cheap, buy a home with a small garden next to agricultural
land, extend size of garden.