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Default plants and pots totally wrapped in plastic

"john west++++" wrote in message

hi, i would like to protect from the cold two potted plants at the rear of
the house. (south facing). my plan is to put large clear plastic bags
completely over the plants and
their pots.

I would like advice please on should I block up the six or so small holes
originally put in the bag by the manufacturer; to help keep the cold
out, or will that interfere with any necessary air flow to the plants?

also would it be best to stand the clay pots directly on to the concrete
patio slabs or
should I insulate the post from the slabs with a piece of wood, please?

thanking you for any advice.

yours john west

I think this will likely kill them due to condensation and then mould. Clear
plastic bags will also make no difference to keeping them warm when its
coldest, which will generally be at night, except maybe by keeping the wind
off. It will cerainly heat them up nicely on a sunny day, thereby
encouraging them to break dormancy so the new growth can be killed off by a
cold night or two. I suggest you trya better plan, such as bringing them
inside into an unheated room, or maybe a garage. What are the plants?


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