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Default Compost - Blood And Bone Meal To "Activate"?

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On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 23:20:58 -0700, Down Under On The Bucket
Farm wrote:

Hi Everybody,

I have read a number of times that it is good to add a bit of
blood-and-bone-meal to compost, to get it working faster. This
includes various Web sites, NG posts, and packaging for said

I have started adding a bit to my compost-in-progress.

However, I am wondering... What exactly is the
chemical/biological mechanism here? The b-b meal is a dry
powder, so I am doubtful of micro-organsms living in there. Is
it just based upon giving the compost a blast of nutrients???

I'm a worrier. My concern would be BSE - mad cow disease.
I wouldn't use it, but would find some other non-animal
substance to add to my compost.

There are plenty of other substances that can be used for
this purpose (manure, even small quantities of commercial
fertilizer, greenstone - a natural mineral - various ground
rocks, etc.)

Unless you are importing your bone meal from Europe, it is highly unlikely
this should pose any problems. One, there has never been a substantiated
case of BSE in the United States and second, the American method of
processing bone meal differs from the European in that it involves both heat
and solvent treatments, effectively destroying any potential pathogens.

Once again, we can thank the media for blowing things up out of proportion.

If this remains a concern, fish meal, feather meal, alfalfa meal or fresh
manure will work as well. Apply any sparingly - you don't need much to get
things cooking if pile is constructed carefully and aerated properly.

pam - gardengal