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Default Compost - Blood And Bone Meal To "Activate"?

"Pam - gardengal" wrote in message
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Unless you are importing your bone meal from Europe, it is highly

this should pose any problems. One, there has never been a

case of BSE in the United States and second, the American method of
processing bone meal differs from the European in that it involves

both heat
and solvent treatments, effectively destroying any potential

pam - gardengal

According to a farm newspaper I read each week, most small fertilizer
plants still accept animal bones from meat packers but will no longer
accept dead animals from farmers and individuals. Seems new government
requirements probably due to concerns about BSE make it too costly.
steaming and processing bonemeal - I had not been aware that all US
produced bonemeal was steam-processed but it is probably a good thing
despite the loss of about 10 per cent of the nutrients.