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Kenni Judd
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Default masdevallia kinglet

Welcome aboard! Wish I could help you, but here in So. Fla., I can only
wish for summer night temps as low as 75F, so I've never tried any masd.

Good growing,

Kenni Judd
Juno Beach Orchids
"seaecho" wrote in message
Anybody know anything about this new hybrid? It is supposed to be very
warmth tolerant, according to one online seller. Does this mean it can
tolerate summer nighttime temps of 75? I'm thinking of ordering one,
but here in the high desert of California, it gets very hot in summer,
and 75 is about as low as I can get the temp at night. Any suggestions
as to what masdie will do well for me? I have a west window, and a
small water fountain for humidity (would be placed next to the plant)
and I do use pebble trays. I am brand new to this forum. Thank you.

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