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Default There HAS to be a twelve step program out there..................

On 28 Oct 2003 01:09:50 GMT, (MLEBLANCA) wrote:

In article , Janet Baraclough

Mad, you mentioned loripetalum in there somewhere? Have you got any
advice? How big does it get, what kind of soil and location suits it?

Loropetalum chinense is becoming one of my favorite shrubs.
I have Monraz, and it loves the heat of the Northern Central Valley in
California. ( We have many 100+ degree days in summer.)
It is in its third summer, and seems to be quite drought tolerant.
It is in full sun and is 6 feet tall and about 6 feet wide, with a definite
horizontal branching habit.
It's blooming right now, but the bloom is nothing compared to its spring
bloom, in March, which just about covers the entire bush! Gorgeous..
I just won another one, Fire Dance, at the garden club meeting. I think
I will try this one with a little afternoon shade, and see what, if any
difference it makes.
Enjoy your new addition , Janet.

NorCal zone 8

this is a little late in responding Janet, but that's because I never
saw your reply FIRE DANCE??? that sounds awesome. Pictures next
year??? I just hope mine gets thru the winter. I may mulch around it
if we get bitter weather. I'll keep you posted. It's just a little
whipper at the moment g
madgardener up on the ridge, back in fairy holler overlooking a foggy
English Mountain in Eastern Tennessee where we got three inches of
rain today!! zone 7, Sunset zone 36