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Jonathan Ball
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Default "Left wing kookiness", and dissembling carpet-munchers

paghat wrote:

Jonathan Ball, a forger. Amazing. I thought you were just fantastically

No, you didn't; you didn't think that at all.

& I was even a little impressed you knew how to type, being that
retarded. Now i see you are actually a morally reprehensible criminal who
fakes IDs. If I were to be like you,

Impossible; you have no sense nor self control.

There was no forgery, you stupid ****. I found where
you described yourself as a vegtarian:

As a vegetarian household we're making among other
things baked "nut balls" for which the main
ingredients are eight kinds of chopped nuts (walnut,
filbert, cashew, pecan, &c), bread, spices,
mozerella, grated vegies, & egg to hold it together.
We're additionally making some little tiny ones so
that while we have our pasta & nutball course the
ratties can be running about with their own little

That link is to YOUR post in Google's archives, you
filthy lying carpet-munching skank. You're
sufficiently ****witted a liar that you think you can
deny it. You can't, not credibly anyway.