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Gene Schurg
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Default Repotting Phalanopsis


It's a bit early for folks up north to see phals grow. I'm in the DC area
and see a few plants starting to grow but most of them are still in their
winter domancy. If you don't have another reason to repot at this time I
would wait until March or April.

The key is to pot the plant when it grows vigorously (spring/summer) and has
plenty of time for the new roots to harden off and mature before the days
get cooler and short. For most Phal hybrids growing in the US the cycle is
grow spring/summer, cool period in September/early October, start to show a
flower spike late october/november, three or four months of tension while
you watch the spike grow (without damage from a clumsy gardener), and
January/February glorious blooms!

Good growing,

Hi Gene, I'm a 3 month orchid newbie myself and have a question. I have 2
Phals that just finished blooming and are pushing out a few new roots.
Should I wait til spring anyway or can you repot when you notice new root
growth? I love watching pahl roots! Thanks