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Rob Halgren
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Default semi-hydro pots

bb wrote:

I like to use clay post just 'cause I like the look of clay.

I've been wondering about going semi-hyro with some of my plants.
I've switched a lot of my plants to a mix of primarily expanded clay
pellets with so far, so good results.

Would I achieve the same results if I set my clay pots into deep pot
saucers that would hold a reservoir of water as I would using the
plastic posts designed to hold the water?


Yes, although you would want to be careful to avoid algae and other
growth in the saucer, which is more exposed to light than the reservoir
of a pot. Dump them out occassionaly, and maybe bleach them when you do
it. You can also make nifty 'semihydro' pots out of yogurt or other
plastic containers (the dairy section is a good place to start). Just
burn or drill a few holes in them about 1/3 of the way up, with no holes
in the bottom. An old soldering iron in a very well ventilated room
works well.

If you wanted the best of all possible worlds, just put one of those
'semihydro' pots (or its recycled equivalent) into a slightly larger
clay pot. Bingo, you are back to the look of clay with the
functionality of plastic. Sometimes I amaze (and occasionally amuse)


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