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Bob Walsh
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Default Rhynchostylis gigantea


Your math is right --17" tip to tip. It gets moved around at least once a
month or so as I jockey things around under the lights when they hopefully
start a spike or fill a sheath.


"Kenni Judd" wrote in message
.. .
Um, I think we have a misunderstanding going on here. Leaf span is
generally considered, at least around here, the total from one tip to the
other, which from Bob's message I think is 17" or 18" for the plants he

Bob: If the size difference on the leaves is consistent from

and you aren't moving the plant around, then one side of it [the one with
longer leaves] is not getting enough light. I shudder to suggest this,
because it is not usually a good idea for most folks and most plants, but

this behavior has been consistent over a 2-3 year time period, you might
think about rotating the plant's orientation every couple of months.

Rhy. gigantea bloom here much smaller than that -- at 6-8" leaf span
[tip-to-tip]. But on these smaller plants, the flowers are a litte
individually smaller and much less numerous than they are on the larger
plants of a size comparable to Bob's. On the former, we'll get a spike
maybe 4" in length, on the latter we usually see 3-4-6 spikes 6" or better
in length, with more flowers per spike [and individual flowers slightly

I should probaby also mention that this is one of the few vandaceous types
that we have found will adapt well to pots. Most of our vandaceous are
grown bare, in the basket or with no basket at all. R. gigantea will grow
and bloom that way, but those we put in pots with a very coarse mix of big
lava rock chunks and a bit of coco-fiber far outdid those "bare in the

Good growing,

Kenni Judd
Juno Beach Orchids

"Bob Walsh" wrote in message
news:[email protected]_s52...
Mine, which I bought in Sept. of 2002, bloomed in Jan 2004. I don't

grew much after I bought it.
Leaf span is uneven, about 7" or 8" on one side and up to 10" on the



"TU" wrote in message
What is the size of a flowering size Rhynchostylis gigantea, e.g.
what's the leave span from tip to tip ?
I have some small plants for a couple of years now, and by the rate
they're growing it'll be a long time before they flower.

"Kenni Judd" wrote in message

Martha: Hot summer is no problem; winter cold might be depending on

definition of cold-medium. We find they do best kept at 50F or

Several years ago, I had a small batch which all survived an

night in the mid-30s, but they complained about for quite some time

Good growing,

Kenni Judd
Juno Beach Orchids

"samaki" wrote in message
Hi everyone !

I am thinking about purchasing Rhynchostylis gigantea, but I am

it will thrive in my conditions (hot in the summer, cold-medium in
Is it true that it requiers hot and humid conditions ?