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dave weil
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Default You're invited to my new Yahoo Group, "Fragrant Miniature Roses"

On 8 Mar 2004 03:45:51 -0800, (Dan Gannon) wrote:

(Dan Gannon) wrote in message . com...
everyone is welcome:

Is there no interest among English-speaking people, in fragrant
miniature roses?

Probably only a little. Miniature roses has only a fairly limited
interest compared to, say hybrid teas or old garden roses. And now,
you've limited it even more to a tiny fraction of *those* roses.
Frankly, how much can you say about them?

I'm not going to keep the Fragrant Miniature
Roses group open forever with no participation. This is quite

Ummmmm, I'd say a couple of things. First of all, give it a little
time. You might get a few takers. Second, considering the narrow
parameters of the group, I wouldn't hold my breath. And third, I
wouldn't take it as a personal affront.

At least I know speakers of many other languages are keenly
interested in this topic.

How do you know this?

Need the English-speaking world lose out?

Now you're just being a drama queen. Sorry. I doubt that the
English-speaking world is going to collapse because they don't support
an extremely narrow interest group on Yahoo.

You decide. Right now, I'm feeling like I'm only going to
contribute in other languages. (Cantonese, Spanish, Thai, etc.)



Dan, Dan, Dan, this is no way to introduce yourself to this group.
First of all, it makes you look petty and small. Second of all,
contrast the worldwide interest in roses to the interest in *your*
subject. And then look at participation in *this* group. It's not
exactly a flood of posts, you know. And so far, we haven't seen all
that much from you that would entice us to join such a group.
Hectoring isn't going to help. Miniature roses is but a portion of the
rose universe. They are interesting, but so are moss roses. Those who
love moss roses don't freak out when people don't discuss them all
that much.

I'm glad that you have found a intense interest in this oft-too
ignored niche. But that's all it is - a niche. Heck, if it weren't for
Ralph Moore, it would be a mere curiosity. I'd say that you're off to
a good start in being a specialist and your input and viewpoint will
be of great value, *if* you choose to share it with everyone, not just
the few individuals who share your passion.

I have noticed that The Uncommon Rose up in your neck of the woods is
carrying some new interesting varieties this year. That's a good

Look mate,