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Default You're invited to my new Yahoo Group, "Fragrant Miniature Roses"

On 8 Mar 2004, (Dan Gannon) wrote:
(Dan Gannon) wrote in message
everyone is welcome:

Is there no interest among English-speaking people, in fragrant
miniature roses? I'm not going to keep the Fragrant Miniature
Roses group open forever with no participation. This is quite

At least I know speakers of many other languages are keenly
interested in this topic. Need the English-speaking world lose
out? You decide. Right now, I'm feeling like I'm only going to
contribute in other languages. (Cantonese, Spanish, Thai, etc.)



Ummm.. you're coming off a bit strong there, Dan. It's a turn-off. Sounds
like you're scolding and threatening us if we don't join your group. Then
there's that elitist worldview that English-speaking people are boors
slipping into your rant that'll just charm the pants off everyone. Pass.