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Default The Breedersons revisited

In article , Geodyne

On 07 Mar 2004 11:50:08 GMT, acon (Sirius631) wrote:

Is their plot a good plot for growing stuff? Perhaps somebody on this
newsgroup would be interested in moving next door, so you could start a


Heh. I'd love that - someone to do something with the useless expanses
of lawn in the area. I live in an area that needs a bit more
permaculture in it!

Apologies, because I posted this to the wrong group. I deleted the
post, but obviously not before it had been propagated.


Well, you could put an ad in you national permaculture magazine saying "New
neighbours wanted to turn useless expanses of lawn into permaculture paradise."
It can only do the environment good to get good gardens into the hands of
permaculturists. Hey, who knows, do it enough times and you could end up with
your own little community.

Where are you at? I bet it's not the UK

David Lloyd