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Charlie Pridham24/3/04 9:19

"Sacha" wrote in message
23/3/04 8:38

I would appreciate advice on how to grow Mandevilla as a pot plant in a
Conservatory, especially on how often it should be watered.
Tom Atkinson

Watering is the tricky part, as it is with so many pot grown exotics.

saturate it but don't let it dry out entirely, is my husband's advice. He
says "look at it every day" and keep it frost free. He also says that if
you CAN put it into a bed in your conservatory, it will be better for both
of you!

To the above I would only add, that if its 'Alice du Pont' good air flow in
winter is needed as it gets botrytis easily in low light levels.
They are worth the effort :~)

They are indeed. My fil had one growing outside on a granite wall in a
walled part of his Jersey garden and I never ceased to marvel at it. It was
huge and dripped with flowers in summer. But one unusually hard frost
later.... ;-( He never tried it again outside - I think he just couldn't
bear to risk losing another.


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