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Default Toads...and the #1 reason i like toads is.....

On Wed, 28 Apr 2004 09:07:19 -0500, "Pond Newbie"

I am thinking if there wasn't enough food, they wouldn't be so

prolific. Creatures have a
way of knowing when conditions are right. Of course, there are always

disasters, like drought, flood, heat waves, hailstorms, hard freezes,

etc. that skew the
natural balances. But I think they are drawn to the areas that are

right for them.

I had lots more babies last year than I have big toads this year.

Maybe they didn't make
it for some reason. I am *SURE* it isn't lack of bugs, ugh! This

place is bug heaven!
Perhaps they move on to find a mate from another bloodline?


I hope you are right.

Last year's babies will take 2-3 yrs. to return. I think it's 2 years
for the males and 3 years for the females before they head back to
where they came from. By next year a bigger pond is a must for me.
(For them) (If any survived)