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Default Help! - Inherited pond out of control

Gosh, I'm glad I found this newsgroup.

I have been wrestling with a pond for a couple
of years now. (+ a year or so ago I took on
some koi for a friend.)

It is such a struggle to clean the biofilter,
(rocks and pea gravel), super-mucky mucky mucky bottom,
the hoses for the falls clog up or leak weekly,
(the water is pumped by two pumps, I added one last year,
and it splits to the biofilter and then to a set of
hoses, see pictures),,
there is rampant plant growth in and around the pond,
have to add water periodically with dechlorinator.

I don't know if it's even habitable(sp?) to the fish,
although they seem fairly happy.
There were koi in it right before I inherited it's care.

I want to tear it down and rebuild it possible using
a more user-friendly filtering system and container-plants,
maybe more zen-style.

Any suggestions out there? I searched this group
and found a few posts on rebuilding, temporary holding tanks, etc.

I am just lost and frustrated with it. I want to give the fish
and the pond the love they deserve!