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Default How deep is too deep?

"Ka30P" wrote in message

I wouldn't have made mine as deep as I did.
And mine isn't all that deep!
But at 5'6" if I get in the water is up to my waist.
That doesn't make for easy maintenance.
Also, without any shelves (which with our rock upon rock soil it was going

be really hard to do) it makes it hard to put in marginal plants. Each

has to set on a stack of builder's brick and that makes them vulnerable to

in our yard.

That said I've ended up with all goldfish who don't need the greater depth

koi. I've become a wildlife/nature ponder which has different requirements

koi ponding.
A lot of depth has to do with your goals for ponding. The OP poster

wants to keep koi?

Hmm...I have had a nagging itch that I should have not put Koi in. You just
made me itchier.