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Default Re(2): Dog feces in compost?

"Glenna Rose" wrote in message

You're overreacting, bigtime.

Probably, but it's how I feel.

Do you allow children to play in the
grass where maybe a dog has shit when you weren't looking? (BTW, the
risk with dog waste is parasites much more than it is bacteria.)

No, I don't, as a matter of fact. Never did. It's one of many reasons
why my yards have always been fenced as well as my own dogs having
specific "potty places" for their bathrooms. And, no, friends' dogs are
not welcome in my yard. It's relatively easy to teach a dog to use only
one small part of the yard for its bathroom.

Not only that, but I find that the stuff that comes out of my three killed
my grass off - along with their running feet and stratching up. Dog pee puts
paid to grass pretty quickly IME.
Which is why my lot now "go" on concrete where I can easily pick the poop
up, bin it in the Shite Bin and hose the pee down the drain. And bleach,
regular bleaching, else I fear the funk of pee would make yer eyes water.