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Default Found an old nazi bomb in my garden !

"Pablo Rena" wrote in message
What can I do now ?

I think this bomb is very evil and will nuke the whole neighbourhood !

Help !

How do you know it's a Nazi bomb?. It can't 'nuke' anyone, that came later.
To find that out you'll have to scrape the rust off and see if there's a
swastika on it.
If there's a chalked message saying, "Herr Churchill est en crappenhousen"
you've got it made,buddy.
I see you are called Pablo. That tells us something, Go to the Mex/Texas
border, bomb stowed safely in rucksack and during the night slip across.
The Yanks will welcome you. (Strange it is that the Nazi's dropped a bomb
on Peru 65 years ago.)
When you get settled in San Antone, take the bomb out into the middle of the
street and lay it on one of those steaming sewer grilles. Don't worry about
traffic, people, (Or the Police.- -ever heard of them?) - you'll be
completely on your own and quite alone.
Warning! - do not hit it with a hammer just yet, - it will do it's own
The Help you seek will arrive sooner than you thought and all your worries
will be over, I'm pleased to say.
Oh! - I forgot, - since this is a gardening N.G., - take another cabbage
with you.