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Bill Oliver
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Default Bone/ Blood Meal and Mad Cow Disease

In article ,
paghat wrote:
In article , Ermalina

Bill Oliver wrote:


Ignore the freaking ideologue.

Oh, excuse me! That's "Dr. Freaking Ideologue." Hmmm .... gotta be an
aging "M.D." ;-)

Actually he cuts up dead bodies to pay the rent, has never conveyed much
knowledge of the living. If he seems a little crazy at times, just THINK
about a career spent carving up the dead for crine out loud. The "doctors"
who didn't follow that career path on purpose for reasons of necrophilia,
but were stuck with it because of their general incompetence at health
care for the still-breathing, have just GOT to lose their minds

-paghat the ratgirl

It is amusing to watch people when they run out of facts and have
to rely on personal attack and casting aspersions on entire
professions to support their ignorant biases.