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Bill Oliver
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Default Bone/ Blood Meal and Mad Cow Disease

In article ,
paghat wrote:
In article , (Bill

I'm assuming your show of a deep & profound paranoia is a put-on & you're
not actually as severely mentally ill as you continuously portray
yourself. I still view you as purely & exclusively "Trolly trolly trolly,"

I'll tell you what, paghat, instead of obsessing with chasing me around
newsgroups in order to insult me, why don't you try addressing the
issue. Show us your knowledge and insight into the subject.

I have challenged the hysterics to find a fact about vCJD. Let's see
if you are up to the task. There's something that *all* victims of
vCJD have in common that only about 37% of Caucasians have in common.
What is that thing, and how does it fit into your risk calculation?

Or, you can continue to obsess about my posts and continue to follow me
around from thread to thread and newsgroup to newsgroup.

Your choice, of course.