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D Kat
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Default Selecting an efficent pond pump

I hesitate to post this again after just being made fun of for my repeating
it continuously but it really does work for me. I had the same issue with
not being able to deal with the cleaning of the prefilter all of the time (I
was about to just fill in the pond because of the twice a week clean that
this system needed). Someone else posted in here about putting a pump in a
bucket filled with lava rock. This acts both as a bio filter and as a
prefilter to the pump. I only clean mine out about once a year and I have
been using this method for some time now. I had been using a waterfall pump
which is not picky about being prefiltered but when the cord was damaged I
fell back on my old pump that had needed prefiltering and it has been
working fine.

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Hi all,

I would like to select an efficient (submersible) pond pump for my

(capable of 1200 gph at 4ft head). Unfortunately, most pump specs

a single "power consumption" value without specifying what flow (or

that occurs at. What I really need is a power consumption vs. flow

head) curve so I can determine the power consumption at my particular
conditions. Is there any way to extrapolate this from typically pump

Any other sources for this information? I'm currently considering

Cyprio models.

Thanks for any help. I appreciate it. -Pat

I know Sequence pumps have power v flow curves available, but those are
external pumps. For submersibles, the Laguna 5000 should give the flow

need at around 85 watts, which is the most efficient submersible I found
when I looked.

If you can make an external pump work, they tend to be more efficient

the submersibles.

Thanks for the reply.

I considered a Sequence but all their models are designed for larger
applications. The smallest I found (3200SEQ20) was rated for 2800gph.

Laguna 5000 looks good, but would probably need a prefilter. Our last

required a prefilter, which constantly clogged and was a real pain. Also,
given how much lower it's advertised power consumption is than other
comparable mag drive products, I wonder how real it really is (either

or else the flowrate is not what they claim).

The appeal of either the Oase AquaMax/Powermax or Cyprio Titan is their
ability to pass solids, which (I think) should make them more maintenace
free. And they both look (on paper at least) to be pretty effiicient.

I'm surprised the manufacturers don't include more information on the

use of their products since (in my opinion) this an important aspect to
consider when making a selection, given how much it can cost to operate
these things 24/7.

Thanks again, -Pat