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Default Parrot's feather not flourishing in wine barrel fish pond

"Karen Mullen" wrote in message
my parrot feather is in full sun and looks much like she described it.

got long tendrils underwater and just tips above. It's growing, but not
flourishing like it did last year or down in Houston. Can't figure out

different this year.

Thought... we've had some very cool nights (45) and not real sunny warm

that may be what's stopping it from growing.


Last year the Hurley's have me some PF, and I tucked it under a rock in the
main pond. It grew, but not very dense. This year, I got my christmas
package from them, and did not have time to plant so I just tossed the PF
into the VF. It is going crazy, and has grown down the stream already. I am
beginning to think this is a moving water plant.