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Craig Brye
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Default Snails good or bad and how to get rid of them

If you don't mind having snails in your tank (not hurting plants, etc.),
then I would keep them as they can really help to keep algae under control.

I would love to be able to keep snails (MTS, Red Ramshorn, etc.), but I
don't have good luck with them. They always die within a month on me, but
I'm going to try them again in my 75 gal. tank I just bought. I should get
enough "hitch hikers" on my order of plants coming in!

If you don't want them, or if you start getting too many, there are several
things you can do. First of all, if you don't mind adding another fish to
the mix, a Clown Loach will keep the snails in check (if not eliminate them
completely). Another trick is to put a small plate or something on the
bottom of the aquarium. Place an algae wafer on the plate. You should
slowly see the snails migrate towards the wafer. Pull the plate when you
have the snails on it. This really works, and usually takes 8-16 hours for
"a lot" of the snails to get to the plate. This probably won't completely
get rid of them all, but it will certainly slim down the population!

Craig Brye
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"Jason Dale" wrote in message
I have over the last 4 months had a number of snails similar to the so
called beautiful snail at in my
160 litre tank which don't seem to be hurting the leaves of the Crypt
Wendtii and Crypt Becketti or the Amazon Sword plants in the tank, but
could they be attacking the plant roots.

I have tried to get rid of them in the past by taking the fish out and
adding loads of salt, but some eggs must have survived somewhere as
within a month baby snails started popping up again.

Anyway as they don't seem to be hurting the plants that I can see and
seem to be keeping algae in check do people think that I should leave
them alone or should I get a snail eating fish like Clown Loaches.