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Default What's needed for plants in a 29g tank?

I think your tank is overpopulated.

WIth similar setup I was successful with anubia nana, java fern and amazon
sword and crinum.

"nuchumYussel" wrote in message
I have a 29g freshwater aquarium, in this tank, are all plastic
plants. I would love to see no plastic in the tank, and all real live
plants. But I have many problems. The first of which is insufficient
lighting. It is only one fluorescent bulb. I know that has to be
upgraded. Another problem is that i have a Pleco is there.
Unfortunatley I know I will have to give him to either a friend of the
LFS if I want live plants. I tried an Anacharis, but the plant was
torn apart. The inhabitants of the tank are...

3 Assorted Angelfish (full grown)
1 PLantinum Gourami (Full Grown and is at about 4.5 inches.)
1 Pearl Gourami (Full grown and is at about 4 inches.)
1 Snakeskin (Full Grown and is at about 6.5 inches.)
1 Pleco (3.5 inches and not nearly full grown.)
4 Cory Cats ( full grown [ each about 2 inches].)
1 Khuli Loch ( full grown at about 3.5 inches. [ his friends were
eaten, the suspect is one of the Angelfish].)

That's Everyone! Now, for more Tank info....

Heater: Dont know name, but it is a submersible and is 150 Watts
Filter: Top Fin 30

That was the "life support, here are the parameters...

Ph: 6.5-6.8
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0

Any information as to what I need to do so I can get live plants is
highly appriciated!

Thanks for looking,
Evan Davis