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Robert Flory
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Default Snails good or bad and how to get rid of them

Clowns are to big, try one of the smaller snail eaters

"Jason Dale" wrote in message
I have over the last 4 months had a number of snails similar to the so
called beautiful snail at in my
160 litre tank which don't seem to be hurting the leaves of the Crypt
Wendtii and Crypt Becketti or the Amazon Sword plants in the tank, but
could they be attacking the plant roots.

I have tried to get rid of them in the past by taking the fish out and
adding loads of salt, but some eggs must have survived somewhere as
within a month baby snails started popping up again.

Anyway as they don't seem to be hurting the plants that I can see and
seem to be keeping algae in check do people think that I should leave
them alone or should I get a snail eating fish like Clown Loaches.