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Franz Heymann
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Default soil heating cables for winter use/heating a greenhouse

"Chris French and Helen Johnson"
wrote in message ...
In message , Franz Heymann

"Chris French and Helen Johnson"

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but otherwise I

see a problem. mine sits in the wooden propagator box in damp

cable is insulated and sealed. If it was to develop a fault in

insulation then it would just trip the RCD anyway.

Only if the propagator itself is connected to earth.

And how would I earth a wooden propagator? :-)

Stick a metal peg into the damp soil and connect the peg to another
one driven into damp soil in the "real earth".

The cable itself is earthed of course.

That would not help you in this case, unless I misunderstand what you
mean by "the cable itself is earthed".

(though if you have mains electricity in a GH then yes I guess any

work such as staging etc. should be earth bonded.

It would be good practice to do so.