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John Hines
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Default Settlement Tanks

"BenignVanilla" wrote:

To sum it up, it takes a while, so the settling rate is how much (%)
settles out per minute.

Zactly. If only I could know this from a book.

Or work the other way, and setup your chamber to give as much settling
time as possible. Again, it is a balance of flow, vs settling time.

But yes, get a glass of muddy water, and give it try. You'll learn
something in the process.

Filtering needs to be done in stages,
first you screen out the fish,
then the largest items,
then the smaller items,
and so on.

I like that run down. *laugh*

There are various pieces to it. You can use different pieces, or methods
for each one, or combine them.

Yes, your veggie filter will work as a settling tank as well, if the
water sits in it for a while, which it should do. The particles also get
caught in the roots and such (like a mechanical filter).