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Franz Heymann
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"Philip Eden" philipATweatherHYPHENukDOTcom wrote in message
This might sound too bizarre to believe, but
it is absolutely genuine. Any sensible advice will be

My elderly mother, now nearly 90, has grown
tomatoes in her greenhouse for the best part of
50 years. Occasionally the plants get whitefly, and
that happened this year. She picked up what she
thought was the correct spray to give them a jolly
good going over, but -- her eyesight not being
what it was, and both cans being yellow -- she
sprayed them all with weedkiller.

Although she realised her error within an hour and
subsequently sprayed them with water, naturally
they all shrivelled and died within 24 hours. However,
there were dozens and dozens of ripening tomatoes
on the plants which she has since harvested and put
in the sun to finish the ripening process.

The weedkiller was glyphosate, and it says on the
can that it's safe to use around children and pets,
and that it breaks down quickly in the soil after use.

The question is: are the tomatoes safe to eat?

It does not seem to me to be worth the risk of trying.