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Doug Kanter
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"Phisherman" wrote in message
On Sun, 22 Aug 2004 20:38:38 -0700, Layne wrote:

Just checking,

I saw a glazed pot at Target and on the bottom there was a sticker
that said that pot was not for food use or something like that. Does
that mean I shouldn't grow vegetable plants in it? And if so why?
And...does this apply to all glazed pots? I'm asking because I'd like
to grow kitty grass for my cats in a glazed pot I already have (not
the one I saw at Target with the sticker on the bottom.

Stupid question over,


ps, thanks!

The porous clay pots are better choices for plants because they allow
more air to the roots. Glazed pots would be a good choice for bog
plants. Some glazes contain toxic or even radioactive (!) compounds.

Even more interesting is that many of the pots for sale these days come from
China, where anything goes as far as environmental safety. The rap goes
something like "Economic growth trumps minor issues like safety".