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Craig Brye
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I'm not familiar with the automatic set-up, but you'll notice the pH begin
to drop in a short amount of time... I would say you'll probably be to your
pH goal within a day or two at most.

Craig Brye
University of Phoenix Online

"gerryd" wrote in message

Hello all,

I have a 180 gal tank using the following equipment:

1. Trickle filter using twin rio 500 gph pumps. Dual overflows and
2. 240 watts of fluorescent lighting on for 11-12 hrs per day on
3. Fully automatic c02 system with Milwaukee regulator and twin gauges,
solenoid, bubble counter, needle valve, and Milwaukee sms ph controller.
5lb bottle of c02.
4. Using a reactor 1000 mounted under the tank and driven by another
small rio pump.

My water parameters a

Ph - 7.9
Temp - 79 F
Gh - 280 mg/l
Gh - 50 -60 mgl

My questions are as follows:

1. If I set the controller to 7.0, does the bps calculation still
apply? Or is this only for smaller tanks or those w/o a controller? I
have the bps at 3-5 bps currently. Can I just crank open the needle
valve and let the solenoid take over (doesn't sound like a good idea
though)? I plan to leave the c02 on 24/7.
2. How long will it take to bring the ph down to the desired level
(7.0)? A week, month, days????
3. I have the reactor 1000 mounted horizontally. Any issues with that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have learned a lot from reading
previous posts, but most have smaller tanks.

Thanks much,